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• Licensed Mirror Contractor In Harrisburg

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Warminster Mirror Company: Keeping Your Home's Decorative Mirrors Looking Like New

Mirrors have been used as a home accent and decoration for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The same techniques used to create decorative mirro art and functional pieces are also used to make repairs by a Warminster Glass Company.

Mirrors are as beautiful and delicate as they are vulnerable to breakage. If you own any decorative glass items, or even if you have functional glass in your home such as mirrors or shower doors, you will at some point need to call on a Warminster Glass Company for mirror repair, and restoration.

Mirrors installed by Your Local Warminster Mirror Company

Gyms and Dance Studios need specialized mirrors. We are experts and providing strong mirrors that don’t break easily and will enhance your studio or gym space. If you have a high-ceilinged home and need large dramatic mirrors for your fireplace, we have the equipment to install them safely. Our mirrors are treated to remain clear for years and become a treasured part of your décor.

It’s important for dancers and weightlifters alike to have clear and un-warped mirrors handy to check their form. Our mirrors are large enough to do the job right! We have all the necessary equipment to hang custom mirrors safely and securely.

Provide privacy in your bathroom with custom installed Mirrored Shower Doors! Your local Warminster Mirror Company can install a mirrored shower door that resists fog and brightens the indoor ambiance of your bathroom or home spa.

Special Kinds of Glass Used by Your Local Warminster Glass Company

Insulated glass, also called double-pane, comes in "units" consisting of two or three separated panes of glass sealed together. The air between the panes is either left in or replaced with a harmless gas. With tempered mirrored glass, your Warminster Mirror Company is actually saving you money, as these windows will pay for themselves in the money you save on heating and cooling bills. This type of mirrored glass makes it easier to cut down on your energy costs by ensuring you lose less heat during the winter and less air conditioning during the summer. It's typically used in windows, where most of a home's energy seeps out through gaps around the window pane itself or the window frame. If the seal goes bad, condensation becomes visible inside the window, and the pane will have to be replaced.

A Warminster Mirror Company commonly uses tempered, laminate, and mirrored glass for mirrors, and shower doors. Tempered glass is glass that has been heated to near melting, and then cooled, which strengthens the molecular bond within the glass. Tempered glass is more difficult to break than 'normal' glass, and shatters into small pieces, some of which may stay in place. It's considered a "safety glass" for this reason.

Plate glass, commonly used in patio doors and long mirrors,is simply a large sheet of glass held in place by a frame. Mirrored plate late glass is fairly easy to break, depending on the thickness, and breaks into large shards which are very sharp. Your local Warminster Mirror Company would not recommend the use of plate glass mirrors for homes with children or pets who might injure themselves if the mirror gets broken.

Laminated glass is a good choice for homes with high risk of breakage. Safety glass is created by sealing two sheets of plate glass with a strong membrane placed between them. If broken, the glass will break like plate glass, but the internal membrane holds the shards in place. It is very difficult to break laminated glass.
Tempered and laminate glasses are considered as safety glasses. These are most popular among the household glasses used by any Warminster Mirror Company. According to building code, safety glass must be there in doors, adjacent to doors and in the openings that fall within approximately eighteen inches of the adjacent walking surface. Whether you have decorative glass heirlooms in need of restoration and repair, or a broken window that needs replacing, your local Warminster Mirror Company is the one to call. They can provide you with full-service mirror repair, installation, and modification to meet your needs. For all the mirrors in your home, call a Warminster Mirror Company today.

Services Offered:

  • Design, Plan, Install Mirrors From Single Piece to Whole Rooms
  • Work Out Rooms / Home Gyms
  • Studio Mirrors
  • Dance Mirrors
  • Mirrored Shower Doors & Enclosures
  • Removal & Repair


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